Backyard Photography – Part Deux

Remember when I said I take a lot of photos in my backyard? Well, the backyard strikes again! Today however, instead of trying to get out of a rut, I decided to make an attempt at using the manual settings on my camera.

Now, I’m sure you are wondering what camera I must use, but don’t get too excited. I, unfortunately, don’t have a Canon, or a Nikon, or a Olympus, or a Sony. I don’t even have a SLR. But what I do have is a Kodak EasyShare Z612. Glamorous, no? But I don’t hold that against my Kodak, it takes really nice pictures and hasn’t failed me yet. Despite this though, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to get a Canon or a Nikon one day, just saying.

So I bet you’re wondering why I mention manual settings, I have just a point and shoot, right? Well, yes and no. Yes, it is still very much a point and shoot, a nice point and shoot, but a point and shoot nonetheless. However, it’s also categorized as a “SLR-Like” camera, meaning, even though it’s not full manual I do have some manual settings. I have the PASM modes and though I don’t have complete control I can play with ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and Exposure. I also have “manual focus” but, well, let’s just say I would rather battle with auto focus than deal with that (I have issues with it, can you tell?).

Now, I have played with these settings before but it was like a bull running loose in a china shop in terms of me knowing what I was doing. However, I happen to have a couple of best friends who have Canons and have talked a lot about what settings they use while in manual, which I’ve been listening to and have been learning from them. So today I utilized my backyard to play with these settings. I grabbed this cool cheat sheet from my friend Anna, and bearing in mind some of the things that my highly talented best friend Eden told me, I went out to my backyard armed and ready.

f/2.8, shutter speed 1/160, ISO 100, no flash, focal length 5.9mm

f/4.6, shutter speed 1/80, ISO 100, no flash, focal length 70.2.

Ahem, now um, I didn’t keep detailed notes. I remembered a couple of things, but I kinda sorta uploaded the photos into flickr to get the exif info. *whistles innocently*

I’m pretty happy with these two,  I took more, but these were my favorites. I can’t say that their perfect, but I’m excited that I tried then both in the M mode of my camera!

Well Wishes,


2 Replies to “Backyard Photography – Part Deux”

  1. Oh Alley those photos r great!!! I love the second one especially! I love that its backlit!! Great job!! Glad the cheat sheet was a help 🙂

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