Reports From The Knitting Front

So, I haven’t updated much on the knit front. I am actually moving along on some things! I’m still working on that green sweater. Or rather, I will be working on that green sweater. I admit I’ve been ignoring it a few weeks now, its not it’s fault, it’s me, really.

However, castonitis could not be helped. I have since made two Spock Hats. See!

Ahem, not the best photo in the world, but you get the idea!

I’ve also been working on my dissertation/special assignment. It’s the Serenity blanket from KnottyLa, a fellow Nerd Warrior! It a lovely blanket knit in the round from the center out, and had cables and some lace. It’s really fun to work on and I’m hoping to make great time on it.

However, the blanket will not be a good “carry along” project, so I have a nice pair of gaiters I’m working on that I carry in my purse. And then in my school bag I am working on 198 yds of heaven! I probably will set that one aside though until next month, in anticipation of a WIP challenge for Nerd Wars *crosses fingers*.

I also have a few other things floating around in the brain, but I’m going to have to finish a couple of things first.

And this concludes this weeks edition of the Knitting Front, tune in next time to hear our special report on the retrieval of size 8 circulars to accommodate a growing blanket! Until next time…

Well Wishes,


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