Backyard Photography

I take a lot of photographs in my backyard. It’s just the plain simple truth, I always have and probably always will. I chalk it up to the fact that I don’t have my own form of transportation and well, the backyard is just there.

So today I was thinking to myself about how I haven’t picked up my camera in a while now. I have been stuck in a rut and frankly I’m tired of that routine. So I got up off my rear end, grabbed my camera, and went to the backyard. Now, I have photographed the heck out of my backyard so I tried to look around for something I haven’t done before. Nothing came to mind immediately, so I just started taking photos. Eventually, I started noticing things that seemed more fresh and new, so I went with it and let things happen. Here’s a little sampling of what I got today.

This is apart of a stone fountain, that isn’t hooked up. I never realized I have never taken a picture of this before. Though really, it has a slight creepiness to it, Halloween time anyone?

I love the concept of this photo, but there was a slight bit of fail to it. I wanted to the leaf to be in focus, but I still like this overall.

Ah, yes. One must always have the self-portrait of ones hand holding a leaf. It’s tradition man, plain and simple.

This is one of my favorite of today’s little session. It’s focused the way I want, and I think the subject is odd but still neat.

I think brick is really cool. I take quite a few pictures of it, especially since my house is bricked with some really awesome bricks. I feel no shame.

I used the same action on all of these, in fact, sort of like going to the same old backyard, I have gone back to one of my favorite actions. It’s my go to action, “Seventies” from the Pioneer Woman’s 2nd Action set. I like this action because it has that vintage touch without distorting the photo too much. It also works well on a variety of photos, which worked out well because it’s dreary and overcast today so my photos were on the darker side.

So anyway, I got out of a rut today and I’m pretty proud of what I have to show for it. They aren’t my best, or perfect, but for me it’s a leap forward.

Well Wishes,


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