Look What I Found!

So after posting the stuff about the Instagram action I decided to go look for other actions that mimic these really cool retro phone app photos. And I had some luck, lots of luck actually!

First I found this nice action by My Plastic Eye.

It does a nice job, however, it’s only one action and only works on certain pictures. It’s pretty cool though, and I like what I got with that picture.

Next I found some Polaroid actions. Now there are many, many Polaroid actions out there, but I have to say, these by Raw Image are the best I’ve ever seen. There are two sets, these are from Version 2.


I love these a lot, I’ve wanted to get a Polaroid for a little while now, well, until I found out how much the film can cost. This let’s me indulge in my love of Polaroids for free.

Then, when I thought I was happy with the Polaroid action, I found the action to end all actions. The closest thing I’ve seen to the real Hipstamatic deal, HipstaRev. I think I have found my new favorite set of actions!

Yes I made them bigger than the others, because that’s how much I love them! There are two different sets; and all free! Now, there are a lot of steps involved because you go and select the lens, film, and flash yourself. However, this also means you can mix and match the different layers to create something all your own! Though one tip I would give with these is that you have to crop the photo to a square yourself and in order for the lens to work right you need to re-size the photo to 3000px by 3000px, but it’s worth all of the effort.

I’m very excited that I found all of these actions. They let me play with some of the stranger photos I’ve taken while I’m on vacation (like the strange lamp-post seen in the Polaroid set) and jazz up those boring shots I take when I’m bored.

So enjoy these actions I tracked down, and do share if you have an awesome one yourself!

Well Wishes,



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