Two To Beam Up!

So I’ve been working on a sweater this month and sadly I don’t think it’s going to be finished by the end of the month. But I am stubborn and I will continue to push myself to get it done!

Working on that single project though has given me the gratification blues. You see, I love that feeling when you finish something, doesn’t everyone? So I needed a quick little project that I could finish right quick for some instant gratification, and I decided I would crochet myself my own little commbadge!

Allison to the Enterprise, one to beam up!

Instant Gratification + Nerdiness = Happy Person.

Also this week I finished sewing up these little darlings!

This really lovely pattern is "Lana Glove" a Ravelry download.

I finished them a week or so ago, but I got hung up with the sewing part, that’s all over now and they turned out really nicely! These aren’t for me though, but I like the pattern so much I’m going to have to make some for myself.

Another great thing is that with these two I was able to knock some missions/challenges out and earn some points!

I have to get back to the sweater now though, it’s a raglan and I’m almost done with the yoke. Heh. Yeah. I’m that far behind. But I have been having my own little LOtR’s marathon to help me sit and finish it.

Well Wishes,


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