Spinning the Atmosphere…

… is what I decided to call this project. I started it at the beginning of last month, when I made a stop into my favorite LYS and picked up some Silky Alpaca. It’s a little more expensive than what I normally spend on yarn, but I wanted something special since this would be my first attempt at real lace. While there we looked at a demo piece knit from the yarn I bought, it was the Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark. It was decided then that this is what I was going to make — and make it I did.

I am absolutely in love with it. The pattern was much more simple than I thought it was going to be and the charts were easy to read, once I got the hang of them. Besides learning how to work with lace weight yarn I also picked up a technique called a “nupp”. A nupp is similar to a bobble in that it is a gathering of stitches that creates dimension. However, unlike a bobble it doesn’t create a “bump” and is in fact much more simple to execute. Some people like to substitute the nupps for beads (and vice versa) but I wanted to go with how the pattern was written. They were tricky little buggers at first, but I adjusted and things went pretty smoothly after that.

I have to admit. I’m horrible proud of this. I may even submit this to the state fair. I’m already lining up other lace projects in my head. Right after I get done knitting the sweater I want to start that is!

Well Wishes,



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