Little Blobs of Color

Today I was taking some blocking photos of my lace shawl I finished last month. I’ll be sharing my shawl later, when it’s done blocking of course, but it is my first ever lace knit using lace weight yarn. I adore it, and to say I feel triumphant about it doesn’t even begin to touch it.

Anyway, like I was saying, I was taking some blocking shots when I began focusing in on the little pins I’m using to pin it out. They are some older glasshead sewing pins that I’m sure we’ve had for ages. They are also my favorites because I love the colors. Which got me thinking about my photo assignment this week for The Skirts, which is “color”. I like the look of the pins holding down the lace, but the area where I was taking them was too dark and I had to over process them to boost the light. Though I did get the focus on it almost just the way I wanted. But it didn’t have the pop that I wanted overall.

I was sitting there, thinking about the pins when I looked over at the table next to me and saw the older pin cushion that we use. It’s either something we have from my Grandmother who has passed, or was in a group of things we picked up at an estate sale somewhere. Either way, it’s wonderfully vintage looking and has lots of old pins in it, both glass and plastic. So I used it in a well-lit area and took something I really truly love.

This is what I submitted for the “Colors” assignment. Because of where I picked the only editing I did was to boost the contrast by about 5 points. I wanted the tones of the pins and the cushion it’s self to shine so I didn’t bother editing further. I love how everything looks well used, from the holes in the cushion to the way the pins are arranged, just as if the last person to use it was in a hurry and put them back in without thinking. (I was probably the last one to use it, so yes, I probably wasn’t thinking about it!) I even love the way the light reflects off of the glass pins. This picture just makes me happy. Mostly because it’s something simple, but it carries a lot of meaning and joy.

Which makes me very, very happy indeed.

Well Wishes,


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