Saturday Breakfast

Like most families, mine has always done something for Saturday breakfast. Whether this is a large home-made breakfast, or a trip out to one of the local diners — Saturday has always been special. When we lived closer to Brookside our Saturdays were spent at the local institution called “BBD’s” (Brookside By Day). In the years we have frequented that establishment I have never eaten anything that didn’t taste good. If you do go, expect a little bit of a wait because it’s highly popular.

I’ve never tried it before, but the Eggs Benedict at BBD’s is anything but traditional. It starts out as a normal Eggs Benedict, but instead of the traditional Hollandaise (cheese) sauce, they smother it in their glorious gravy. (Seriously, the biscuits and gravy are wonderful). I find this interesting so last Saturday I decided to make my own version of a Eggs Benedict at home. I layered it like so:

1. Toasted English Muffin — the basis of any good EB.

2. Canadian Bacon — again, no surprise there, it’s the traditional meat.

3. Over-easy Egg — OK, so typically you poach the egg, but this isn’t too far off from the usual.

4. Grits — Yes, you heard me right, I smothered it in Grits. I didn’t have Hollandaise or Gravy on hand, so I went with what was made that morning. I know, I know, it’s not normal or traditional and I’m sure there are chefs our there who are absolutely mortified. But you know what?

It was good. Really good.

And really, isn’t that food is supposed to be? Enjoyable, what you like, made from the heart. And aren’t those cooking competitions always telling people to be innovative? So my invention has me thinking, how could I make this even more southern? Because the grits aren’t enough. So here is how I would go about making a truly southern Eggs Benedict.

1. A Fluffy, Buttery Biscuit. — It’s the bread of the South people!

2. Thick Cut Bacon. — Why not? It’s still a bacon…

3. An Over-easy Egg. — Don’t mess with a good thing, keep that yolk runny.

4. Grits, or Gravy. — Can’t decide, Grits probably, but Gravy is so glorious…maybe even, dare I say it? Both.

Too bad I’ve already had my Breakfast today, because I want to experiment. Perhaps next Saturday? I’ll keep you up to date with this because I do want to pursue this.

So what did I have for breakfast today? It consisted of Iced Coffee to drink and a Poached Egg, Grits, and Fried Bacon Spam………………….

It’s good, really, I promise.

Well Wishes,


One Reply to “Saturday Breakfast”

  1. MMMMMMM….reading this is making me hungry!!! It was always Sunday morning breakfast at our house….we rarely went out to eat but Sunday’s are when mom would cook a big breakfast. Biscuits, gravy, eggs, bacon, orange juice. YUM!

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