Red Pop

Have you ever had Faygo Red Pop? O.K., well I’m not talking about the stuff you get for cheap in the plastic bottle. I’m talking about the good stuff, straight from a glass bottle.


Well I have and I have to say it’s tasty! I recently discovered it while visiting a little place here in Tulsa called Ida Red’s, which is located in the Brookside area. I wish I had taken my camera with me because the place is wonderfully chic. It’s associated with the historic Cain’s Ballroom, and inside you can find lots of merchandise with that focuses on Tulsa and Oklahoma. There is jewelry and apparel that is so cute I wish I had enough outfits to wear with them! They also have a great selection of TOM’s.

Another fun part of going into Ida Red’s is the section of vintage candy and icy cold bottles of soda. One of which was the Red Pop that I decided to give a try. I love strawberry soda, so it was a natural and tasty choice. I was also overjoyed to learn that they also sold Cheerwine! Which, if you remember, is what I picked while I stopped off at POPS last month. I had no idea anybody sold it here in Tulsa and now I know where to get it when I have the craving. I also picked up a Banana Moon Pie, which isn’t hard to find here at all but still makes me happy.

I might add that in the process of trying all of these sodas, we’ve started quite a collection of glass pop bottles! I’m thinking up ways to use them in our decor and if it wasn’t for the heat I would grow cutting flowers to keep in them as vases. I might have to work on making some artificial flowers, in fact that’s sounding like a pretty good idea!

Well Wishes,


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