Road Trip

I find a road trip from time to time absolutely refreshing. In fact, it’s almost necessary if I am to remain sane. Luckily, this past weekend found me cruising with my family on Route 66 in Oklahoma. Not a moment too soon either, I was feeling bogged down and ready for some fresh air.

While traveling up and down Route 66 we were told we had to check out POPS in Arcadia. they were everywhereI have to say, if you are anywhere in that general location you have to stop in. It was very busy, and it was soon obvious why. The place is a mecca for the bottled pop enthusiast with every imaginable favor and variety of soda. The building is an a-frame with walls of glass. Along these glass walls, from floor to ceiling, is glass shelves lined with pop bottles. Everything is sleek and modern, with a touch of that 50’s diner novelty commonly found on Route 66. POPS also has a restaurant, which serves a hamburger that is very good. Also, try the fried whole okra — it is excellent!

It took me some time, but I decided to get one of POPS best sellers, Cheerwine. It’s a taste of the southcommonly seen in the south (though not where I am) and is something I ran across earlier this year while I was in Nashville. It was tasty, but rather different compared to the typical cherry soda. It was a delightful experience, and one I hope to repeat sometime soon!

The rest of my road trip was marked with other fun things. One of which I think might become a regular feature here on my blog. Only time will tell, but I am quite in love the idea and I can’t wait to share.

Well Wishes,


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