So, if your familiar with the blog Hyperbole and a Half then you know all about the Alot. You are free to continue reading. Oh, no, you’re not? Well then, go read her blog post “The Alot is Better Than You at Everything“, then come right back!

Are you back? Did you even leave? *raises a suspicious eyebrow*

Anyway there is a free pattern on Ravelry so that you can make your very on Alot! Alot of Fun. So I made my very own Alot, his name is Herman. I am absolutely in love with him. I care about this alot!


Now, you might have noticed that Herman is not like other Alots. Actually, Herman is just an alias, his real name is Alotus of Borg. Yes, Herman was assimilated into the Borg — but I’m rehabilitating him.

Despite his collective mind and assimilating nature, I love him — alot.

Well Wishes,


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