Oh, Hai!

So, I moved. I like WordPress better, its shiny.

Oh, I’ve long since finished Cassandra, so I’ll just be moving on!

Nerd Wars and Starfleet Fiber Art Corps are all started back up again! I haven’t submitted a lot, but I so have some pretty sweet stuff in progress! Like a Monarch Shawl, which was pure compulsion on my part, but I like it thus far! In Addition, I am knitting it from the chart rather than the written instructions. Why yes, I am pretty proud of myself, why do you ask?  Also, at the beginning of the month I started the Drapped Vest from the Spring issue of Interweave Knits. I love that magazine and I’m thinking about ordering a subscription.

Also a part of my compulsion knitting is a doily I made yesterday. Yes, another doily. I made Spiralen, which is über easy. Also another bonus, I knit it strictly from the chart! I am getting pretty good at this chart reading gig! Here is a peek at the finished product.


I knit it out of some worsted cotton I had lying around. (Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Twist, I believe). I didn’t have enough yarn to complete all of the repeats in the chart. Also, I left off the crochet edging, both due to yarn quantities and also because I’m not as crazy about that type edging. So I worked a “lace bind off” by knitting two together. It’s still a little tight, and the edges want to curl in, however, it looks pretty good and drapes really nicely.

Yesterday was a pretty good day overall. I went to Joann’s and got some Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool with the intent of dyeing it. With the 50% off coupon it really is a good deal, for the yardage and the hours of entertainment I will get out of it!

On the Nerd Front, somebody told me that Portal was originally a computer game and that I needed a Steam account. I have officially signed up for one and I am at this very moment downloading the free demo. My inner geek is dancing right now. I also need to work on my photography assignment, which is water. Truth be told, I’m short on ideas but I’ll work on that today!

Well Wishes,


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