I think I’ve developed an obsession to anything lace. It started with the doilies, which I still plan on cranking out, but has expanded on to things that I never thought I would make. Yes, I’m working on a lace shawl. I have always stayed away from shawls, mainly because I don’t wear them. However, this lace bug has me making things I never thought I would or could make! I want to knit big, scary projects. I want to learn how to read a lace chart. It’s downright scary the change in my knitting desires.

But guess what. I’m loving every minute of it! May is the down month for Nerd Wars and SFFAC so I am taking this opportunity to finish my Talia Sweater and work on my new found skills in lace knitting.

I decided that I would use some yarn that I hand-dyed last month, it’s a skein and a half of vintage yarn that I picked up at a thrift store some time ago and was the last bit of this particular yarn that I had not dyed yet. I dyed it using Target brand food coloring, in shades of blue and green.

Since I knew that this wouldn’t have much yardage in it I narrowed down my pattern search and I picked Cassandra. One of the reasons why I picked it was because it had written instructions for the charted parts. I’ve never followed lace charts before so not jumping in right away and just getting used to knitting something lacey in a triangle shape was a bonus. I’m halfway through the pattern repeats and so far I really do like what I’m seeing. I can tell this is going to be one of the “really comes out in the blocking” projects. I can’t wait!

I’m off now, I must get back to this lovely shawl and that X-files episode I was watching on Netflix. (Yes, I am watching the X-files, I’m a nerd, remember?)

May the Fourth be with You,


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