It is a new obsession. What started as me making something as homage to my grandmother who has passed has become a new shiny thing for me. I like knitting doilies — I surprise myself actually. I do not normally go for lace, it is not my thing but I find that knitting it in the round is quite fun. I do not know if I should worry about where this could lead or just enjoy the ride. So far, I am enjoying the ride.
I admit I have not gotten so very far yet — I have only completed two, with a third in the works. However, I already have a larger one lined up and I have seen stalking the stash looking for just the right yarn. The first one I knit really was not a true doily (though I like calling it that) but it is rather fetching. I knit it out of white cotton thread, a size 5 I think, on US4s.
It is a simple pattern but it was a nice introduction into the way a doily is knit. However, this one had a purlwise bind off that drove me crazy.
The second doily I knit on US1s in cotton thread as well. This one had much more by way of design in it and it was a much more traditional design.
I am quite in love with this one. It is so pretty and dainty. However, it too had an edging that drove me crazy, and it took me forever to get through the scallop. Despite the edging I have cast on a second of these, this time on US8’s in a worsted weight.
I’m really happy with these and I’m learning the dos and don’ts of making lace in the round, which means I’m probably going to continue making these until I’m sick of them. Somewhere in there though I have to remember to finish my Titania sweater (which also has lace — I am noticing a trend).
That is what I am up to; lace, lace, lace, lace!

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