Attack of the Tribbles

This past week, because we are awesome, Team Enterprise has launched a fantastic assault over at Nerd Wars. Well I say assault but really it’s all fun and completely in good nature. I just like using strange words. It’s the Modernist in me I guess. (Did that make sense? Probably not, see my point). Maybe I should give a little background seeing as I just mentioned Nerd Wars in the last post and did not go into detail. Bad me!

Nerd Wars is a group on Ravelry. This group was formed so that nerds of all flavors could come together and compete in Tournaments involving the wonderfulness of fibers arts! We are divided up into teams based on common interests and we battle it out every month to see which team can get the most points! O.K., battle is a strong word, it’s more like if your team happens to be up there in the standings your like “YAY” and even if your team is not up there in the top everybody is still like “Yay!” because it’s all awesome and for the most part we don’t try and lord standings over each other. We like to share the beauty of knitting, crochet, and all over fiber arts and have some fun paying homage to our favorite nerdom. Though if trash talk must happen, there is a alley for that, round back, midnight, meet me there.  (Still all in good fun though, everybody is pretty awesome!)

It’s buckets of fun and I am glad I followed the link over to the infant Nerd Wars when I saw it in the Ravel Trek threads! So, back to our little campaign, which just so happened to be a Tribble Invasion (muahahaha)! This month it was suggested that Team Enterprise should plan a tribble invasion (I may, or may not, have egged everybody on). With the excellent leading and math skills of our Captain PandaLark we came up with a plan so that the tribbles grew exponentially everyday and we waited and knitted for the designated week! This past week was that week and oh boy was it fun! It was so cool to see everybody band together to create a little chaos and mayhem. Some of my team mates came up with some awesome stories and such to make their posts as creative and unique as the next, I decided to go with a “The Tribbles Were About To Eat My Shoes!” route.  (I would also like to send a shout out to the CD’s, who we kinda left all of the tribbles around for to judge and score!) Below is the tribbles I submitted (I might have knit more and have been showing them with other projects as well, maybe, haha)

Though I do have to say. I still don’t like Fun Fur all that much, and I’m glad I finally got rid of some of the leftovers I had from my early days of knitting when it was all the rage. (So glad that trend is over for the most part!) AND YES, I am a totally geek. But I’m happy, so take that! haha!


Well Wishes,


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